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About Scotlands Greatest Podcasters

Goron Vor

Goron was born in the NE of Scotland, the 13th of 9 children. Having consumed his twin in the womb, he emerged fully haired and whistling show tunes.

He enjoyed an idyllic semi rural childhood pressing flowers and the ears of his enemies. 

He excelled at Grammar school, having founded both the stamp collecting and chicken head biting societies. 

He went to University, grew out his hair and soiled a sheepskin jacket. 

A renowned gourmet, Goron then spent a solid decade in a greasy, beer ridden haze until the clarion call to art school saved is life and replenished his creative ganglion. 

He now paints, sculpts and quietly seethes in a wretched studio/ hovel. 

He met Derek Findas while raiding a municipal skip and was convinced to embark on a world beating podcast career with a promise of a power beyond imagining and plentiful baked goods.


Derek Findas

Derek a product of military experiments carried out shortly after world war 2 to produce a new breed of super soldier. The experiments failed so badly all these supposed super soldiers could be used for was television presenters. 

After 7 years as a stable hand and a further 8 years down the mines - at the age of 10 Derek sought his fortune in the big city...Arbroath.

It was here he was first enamoured with the glamour and fortune that only a 3am folk music show can bring.

Eventually Derek was offered a job with Scottish Television due to a staggering amount of presenters drink related deaths. Thus began one of Scotland's most successful ZX Spectrum related television shows in the 9.30pm slot on a Sunday evening in 1984.

Now fast forward to the future and leaving some nasty unproven criminal charges behind him Derek now helms, with former go-go dancer Goran Vor, the wildly successful podcast Folk in Scotland. 

A quote from Derek Findas - "Cats and dogs don't rule the world but if they did things would be cheaper" Words I'm sure we can all live by. 

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